Who We Are

Nigeria’s Voice Acting Contest, created by organizers of Africa’s First Voiceover Conference, is an industry leader in voiceover production, outsourcing, and project management. With a network of top voice-over artists, we provide global marketing and sales support for brands and individuals.

Our Mission

Telling brands story one at a time and expanding the frontiers of the voiceover industry in Africa through grooming and producing world-class voiceover talents ready to take over the marketplace.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading training institute and voiceover production agency known for excellence & professionalism.


Voice-over Workshop is a Nigerian institute for voice-over artistry and hosts the Voice-over Conference. Established in 2019, we aim to change the voice-over industry in Nigeria and provide platforms for training and thriving voice-over talent. We also produce promotional content for corporate bodies and individuals. Our approach is deliberate and sustained, involving professional voice talents and entrepreneurs to provide theoretical and practical voiceover sessions. We aim to produce world-class voice-over talents and provide platforms for individuals and corporations to showcase their products, ideas, voices, and services.

Why Us?

Our voiceover institute in Nigeria offers world-class training and production courses for individuals and organizations. As a pioneer in the industry, we have organized the Nigerian Voice Acting Contest and are experts in the VO business. With 13+ industry leaders, lifetime mentoring, remote and flexible learning options, and access to 300+ alumni, we aim to make the voiceover industry in Africa better than ever. Join us in making history.
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